The Blue Head is 31,000 acres of south Florida rangeland in what was known in pioneer times as “The 90 Mile Prairie”. Grasslands LLC took over the management of the ranch in 2015 with the goal of restoring the land to the level of ecological health we believe existed here before modern agricultural management practices became the norm. Our primary tool is the cow. A herd of some 6,000 “Cracker” type cows (and 40 saddle horses) roam the ranch in a planned grazing pattern that mimics the migratory activity of wild ungulates.
The cattle we run are as genetically similar as we could find to the first cattle brought to Florida in the 16th century. They have had 500 years to adapt to the harsh conditions of the Florida peninsula and are arguably the only type of cattle able to thrive here without heavy dietary supplementation. Our cattle spend their entire lives on the range. They never see the inside of a feedlot.
We don’t use herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers or grain based supplemental feeds. We do practice traditional, low stress methods of livestock handling, frequent moves to fresh pasture and humane treatment at all times. Our cows are a tool but we like ‘em!