Water Quality.

Controversy rages these days over the role of agriculture in the seeming increase in environmental
problems such as red tide, blue green algae and others. I’m not scientist enough to take a position on
either side but I also don’t think there is any doubt that there has been a massive increase in the use
of various chemical concoctions over the past few decades to both combat unwanted plants and
insects and also to augment the growth of plants that are seen as desirable. It seems logical to me to
assume that at least some of those chemicals find their way off the land where they were applied and
into the water, both underground aquifers and surface runoff.
On the Blue Head we don’t use herbicides…period. With some 90+ years collectively of managing
holistically among the Blue Head crew we have seen it proven again and again that that the benefits
of maximum diversity in the plant community far outweigh any slight detriment of the presence of
“weeds” that might be viewed as undesirable. Instead, we concentrate on encouraging the plants we
really like and, over time, again and again, we find those plants increasing and the “burs and
brambles” decreasing.
We don’t use insecticide sprays, rubs, fly tags or any other chemicals on our cattle (I confess to a little
sparing use of fly repellents on ourselves and the horse we ride that day when the flies just become

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